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Amici Miei 2go

At amicimiei2go we use our own natural yeast and let the dough rise for 72 hours before cooking it in our authentic wood fired pizza oven.

La Gioconda Pizzorante

La Gioconda Pizzorante is a family run restaurant with a generation of experience of best Italian handmade dishes. Our food is delicious and is made by passionate Italian chefs. Come and dine with us and enjoy our specialties created in our open kitchen and in a cozy atmosphere. are deeply passionate about raising the standards for the traditional British Fish Chips shop. Our chefs are highly experienced and trained to fry-to-perfection each piece of fish. Our secret to tightly caressing the freshest moist delicate fish fillets in the thinnest, crispiest and lightest golden batter - is decades of constant experimentation with different combination of ingredients, frying oils, temperatures and timings.


Papa Del's is situated directly opposite Highgate tube. Perfect for a meeting up with friends, a pre night out meal or just something totally different.

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