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Amici Miei 2go

At amicimiei2go we use our own natural yeast and let the dough rise for 72 hours before cooking it in our authentic wood fired pizza oven.

Chicago Grills

Welcome to the Taste of Chicago an American restaurant that offers the food, fun and friendliness of classic feel good American burgers. The restaurant serves simple, great-tasting food from a menu of Chicago’s favourites (a city renowned for making the best burgers in America), including juicy Gourmet burgers, Peri Peri Chicken burgers, crispy American Fries, and rich, delicious Shakes. Hungry yet?

Fora Restaurants

Fora Restaurant, one of the best Turkish restaurants in London, is largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine, which can be described as a fusion and refinement of Central Asia, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisines.

Hawker Vietnamese

We model ourselves on the typical the Vietnamese street vendor. That means, we prepare everything fresh and make our food to order. Nothing is prepackaged - we think this is how food should be - simple, fresh and delicious.


Here at Hungerdog we take our buns as seriously as we take our dogs. Our original buns are made fresh, by hand, every night by a renowned local bakery using our own preservative-free recipes. Having a flavour to our bun was an absolute must and we looked at many different bread recipes to give our buns a slightly sourdough flavour as well as a light interior

Kiraku Japanese Restaurant

We are a Japanese family-run restaurant and Ealing Times Restaurant winners in 2007 and 2008. Kiraku, in Japanese means ‘relax and enjoy’ and we offer the freshest ingredients available served in a warm and lively informal atmosphere.

La Gioconda Pizzorante

La Gioconda Pizzorante is a family run restaurant with a generation of experience of best Italian handmade dishes. Our food is delicious and is made by passionate Italian chefs. Come and dine with us and enjoy our specialties created in our open kitchen and in a cozy atmosphere. are deeply passionate about raising the standards for the traditional British Fish Chips shop. Our chefs are highly experienced and trained to fry-to-perfection each piece of fish. Our secret to tightly caressing the freshest moist delicate fish fillets in the thinnest, crispiest and lightest golden batter - is decades of constant experimentation with different combination of ingredients, frying oils, temperatures and timings.

Olives and Meze

Mediterranean grill. Meze or mezze 'mezeI' is a selection of small dishes and Delicacies served as a course or as appetizers before the main dish around the Mediterranean Countries. Flavoursome Traditional dishes & Recipes that evolved over many centuries. Authentic Turkish Dishes and a Charcoal Grill for that Mediterranean Flavour all year around


Papa Del's is situated directly opposite Highgate tube. Perfect for a meeting up with friends, a pre night out meal or just something totally different.

Papillon Cafe

Traditional home cooked food bring us together to talk and laugh. This is the ethos of Papillon, where we prepare fresh meals and cakes every day in our kitchen to share with our customers.

Ciro’s Pizza Pomodoro

Ciro's Pomodoro is a perfect combination of great Italian food, image, high energy, and of course the man himself, forming the nucleus of the very successful formula.


Sizlers is proving to be one of the best Italian restaurants in West London.

Wassouf Lounge

Fantastic New Lebanese, excellent dishes are presented with understated flair, so delicious not shy to ask for more. Your choice of wraps and salads create your own dish. Eat how you like not how we like. Enjoy the best Shisha flavours with any kind of tea or coffee, We offer freshly Squeezed Juices from watermelon, papaya, ginger etc.

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